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    02 December 2007



    As a regular reader of Sarah's postings I have been 'observing' myself over the last few weeks - currently going thro' a particularly tough time, I am more than comforted by my mother's visits and 'mothering'. My mother is by no means old (in her mid 60s), but she is the older generation as far as I am concerned, so it is interesting to me that while there are things about her that are beginning to irritate (her driving for example), the mother-child dynamic still remains, even tho' I am staring 40 rather too closely in the face, am married and a step-mother myself. I am very thankful of the reassurance, support, as well as the 'tucking in' at night, that I am lucky enough to receive at the moment. So it doesn't matter that I am a no longer a child, she still worries and needs to help and it's clear that I still need her to.

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