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    19 July 2013


    Sue Colley

    Hello Sarah,
    The centrality of 'time' to compassionate care really resonates with me. I have a very busy job and my elderly parents of 88 and 95 live with my husband and I. Life is a constant juggle and in mid March, after a mini crisis - I decided to approach my employer about a month of unpaid carers leave. At the moment I am taking annual leave and begin the carers leave on 1st May. I have set myself some important tasks to try and make our lives more manageable - and am pleased that I am beginning to make inroads into achieving these. What I would really like to do is begin a blog - however, for some reason I find the whole idea quite daunting. Suspect this might be because I want it to be part personal and part professional. You strike that balance really well - have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts and am enjoying exploring your other pages. Thank You. Sue

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